Bo's Story

Bo was one of the first Veterans to benefit from Windhaven Therapeutic Riding.  He and Diesel became partners in 2017 and stayed together for the entire program graduating in June 2018.  

Windhaven Therapeutic Riding helps the Veteran overcome the effects of PTSD through the connection/relationship with the horse. 

Windhaven Therapeutic Riding helps retrain the traumatized brain through the connection with the therapy horse, which begins on the ground and progresses through several levels. Here Bo is learning to bridle and saddle Diesel with the assistance of one of the instructors….soon he will be able to do this independently.   

After the connection on the ground is well established, the Veteran begins to ride the therapy horse in the arena.  This initially done with a horse leader helping lead the therapy horse until the rider can be independent as Bo and Diesel show here.

Windhaven Therapeutic Riding is individualized and progressive.  So many Veterans advance to riding obstacles in the arena and outside the arena.  

At Windhaven Therapeutic Riding, many Veterans desire to ride on local trails as they approach their 39thweek of lessons and graduation from Windhaven Therapeutic Riding. 

As Veterans graduate from Windhaven Therapeutic Riding,  they have several options to continue their connection with horses.  Bo has joined the Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers and is volunteering at Windhaven.