Meet Our Equine Partners


Shammi is 15.3 hands tall, which is large enough to be ridden by most. Shammi’s color is not white, it is called perlino; in the summer, she seems to glow like “mother of pearl.” Shammi wants to please her human partner and is very responsive to requests.  She is smooth to ride for those who progress to riding. Her last foal, Belle, (Dreamspinner Southern Belle), was born at Windhaven Farm and is our newest therapy horse.

16 Year Old, Kentucky Mountain Horse, Mare



Dandy (I’m a Jim Dandy) was rescued by Rodger Morrison in 2007. It took several months to bring him back to trail ready condition. Eventually, he was qualified as a Mounted Search and Rescue Horse so he is the most experienced trail horse and perfect for Veterans who are new to riding. He is the herd boss but also mixes well with other horses on the trail rides. Because he is so well trained, he can be very particular about when and to whom he connects but once he has connected, he is a loving partner. He is very forgiving of the Veteran who is learning to ride and who is not yet skillful. 

20 year Old, Missouri Fox Trotter, Gelding



Tucker is owned by the wife of a Reservist and has been loaned to WHTR for the program. He is 16.1 hands tall, so big enough to be able to be ridden by most of the Veterans in the program at WHTR.  He is well mannered and gentle on the ground as well as when ridden. He is a quick learner and wants to please the Veterans to whom he connects. He takes very good care of his riders. He has many hours of being ridden on trails so he is a great calm mount for those Veterans just learning to ride. 

21 Year Old, American Quarter Horse, Gelding



Diesel is owned by an Army Reservist and has been loaned to WHTR for the program. When Diesel came to WHTR, he knew almost nothing and was not comfortable with humans and certainly was not a safe ride.   He is the largest of our horses at 16.2 hands and almost 1500 pounds. As a result of many hours of natural horsemanship training by the volunteers, he is a favorite among the Veterans both on the ground and while being ridden. Diesel loves to learn tricks, to do demonstrations, to establish connections and to teach us all about communication with horses.   

11 Year Old, Kiger Mustang, Gelding


Sunny 1.JPG

Sunny was acquired by WHTR in 2017. She is the smallest horse in the therapy herd and is a perfect first partner for a Veteran who is nervous around the larger horses. She has a sweet personality and loves people. Because of her high energy level, she makes the human work to establish a firm connection with her. One of the owners is now driving Sunny in a cart which may become an option in the future for Veterans who cannot ride. Volunteers are working with her to train her to be able to visit Veterans who cannot travel to WHTR .

Miniature Horse



Shadow came to WindHaven Farm in 2016 to be a part of the WHTR program. She is not just a lovely horse to look at, she has a lovely and loving personality. She is great with all kinds of obstacles and things that are scary to many horses: tarps, jumps & cows. She loves people and loves to please and will do anything that is asked of her. She is very responsive when ridden and takes good care of anyone who rides her.   

9 Year Old, American Quarter Horse, Mare



Rascal is owned by one of the Founders sons and is loaned to the WHTR program because of his ability to provide a predictable connection when being ridden, regardless of the skill level of the Veteran rider. He is smart and has learned to be a therapy horse very quickly. He is playful and can untie himself and undo locks. He is gentle and enjoys connecting with his human partner.   

27 Year Old, Spanish Arabian, Gelding



Jake (Colonel Jake) is the oldest horse in the therapy herd and is the herd sentinel at WHTR. If something out of the ordinary happens, he is the first to sound the alert. He has done many things in his life; he is smart in addition to being well trained. The Veterans love Jake because of his willing nature. He is one of the largest horses in the therapy herd and is just right for the taller Veterans. He is retired from being a riding horse but he is a perfect partner for learning connection on the ground.

29 Year Old, Missouri Fox Trotter, Gelding


Belle headshot.jpg

Dreamspinner Southern Belle was delivered at WindHaven Farm and was naturally imprinted at birth. She was trained on 2 wheel cart at the age of three and may someday use this skill to help a Veteran who cannot ride. Belle has only been ridden a few times because of her age but she is a very good student and is learning rapidly. Her sweet disposition makes her a favorite of all who meet her and her ground manners are great. Belle likes to please her humans and to be groomed. She is the newest addition to the WHTR therapy equines, helping Veterans on the ground. She will eventually progress to being used as a riding horse as she matures. 

5 Year Old, Missouri Fox Trotter and Kentucky Mountain Horse, Mare



Tops White Rawhide has been with WHTR for about three years and is white in color. The vast majority of MFT’s are black so Rawhide is an anomaly in the MFT world. He is a horse that loves to be loved and is very willing to please his Veteran. Those who achieve a true connection with Rawhide are treated to a horse that would put his legs around them and hug them if he could. He loves to be groomed and is good with connection if the Veteran will be patient and gentle. At 15.3 hands he about average size for an MFT and he has a smooth gaited ride.

12 Year Old, Missouri Fox Trotter (MFT), Gelding



Sara was a qualified Mounted Search and Rescue Horse along with Dandy.  She is owned and trained by Denice Larson-Morrison.  She is very well trained in field trials and Denice is helping her learn Natural Lifemanship.  Sara is the mount for Denice Larson-Morrison when Instructors accompany Veterans on trail rides at locations away from Windhaven Farm.   Sara is very steady on the trail and well behaved in the event an emergency should occur.

19 Year Old, Missouri Fox Trotter, Mare


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